Who we are

Called to know God and make Him known

Our team

We are a pioneering team that was sent out from YWAM Heidebeek, and is a part of the global YWAM family.

We are a diverse and international community (almost) located in Maastricht with a heart to see people drastically transformed as they encounter Jesus and the Gospel.

We love being family on a mission, standing together while growing in our relationship with God, learning about the Bible and then living it out on a daily basis.

Our vision statement

YWAM Maastricht is a community of followers of Jesus, called to know God and make Him known. We seek Gods will in our daily life, train people to follow Jesus and reach out to those in need. We want to see Maastricht and Europe transform into a place where love God above all else and others as themselves.

Meet our team

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Meet Eline! 
Our incredibly fun and active math loving member of the team. She comes from the Netherlands and did her DTS at Heidebeek in 2015. Her favorite kind of holidays are biking holidays, the ones where you bike around for a few weeks with a tent strapped to the back of your your bike.



Meet Sarah!
She is energetic, lover of the outdoors, and has adopted a slight scottish accent from her years living there. Originally from the south of Germany, Sarah came to Heidebeek to do her DTS in September 2020. Sarah also enjoys challenging herself to try new things; cliff jumping and kissing a frog are some examples.



Meet Jonathan!
He is the good listener in the team, stable and loyal but also has a strong drive to win any game he partakes in. In his younger years he won many trophies in which sport do you think? Darts and Chess, hence why he sometimes has been nicknamed Barny, after the famous Duch darter. Growing up in the Netherlands, Jonathan did his DTS at Heidebeek in 2013 where he grew enormously in his faith.



Meet Ava!



Meet Aldert!



Meet Celina!


December 2020 team update